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Mental Floss magazine

My new favorite magazine is Mental Floss, whose tag line is “Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix”. This is a fun read filled with all kinds of random facts. The magazine covers topics about everything from Einstein to Coffee. If you like quirky information then you’ll appreciate this magazine. If you love learning interesting things or maybe you just want to come off sounding smart at parties – Mental Floss is for you. In November’s issue, the Left Brain/Right Brain section features an article on Bill Cosby which is,  in part, a wonderful review of Cosby’s early comedic albums; the Go Mental section takes us to West Africa where Togolese women rule the textile industry; and ‘Scatterbrained’ explores the controversial subject of candy. Whether you love literature and trivia, are into science and history, or just curious about how many green beans are served every Thanksgiving, you will undoubtedly find many things to enjoy in each issue.

Tia L.

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