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Cain at Gettysburg by Ralph Peters

I love to read books about war, both fiction and nonfiction.  And who can get enough of the Civil War?  It is literally unimaginable how many men (and animals) were slaughtered, homes and crops destroyed.  How did America recover from it?  Over 600,000 dead!  A while back, I read a starred review of Ralph Peters’ [...]

The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore

Helen Dunmore’s The Betrayal tells the story of Andrei and Anna, a married couple trying to live in Stalin’s Soviet Union.  Their town, Leningrad, has just survived a siege where millions of the city’s inhabitants died trying to hold out against Hitler’s German forces during World War II.  Leningrad did not fall to the Germans [...]

Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy

I have seen shows like “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan, and wondered when would they put someone in the limelight to help feline owners? Enter Jackson Galaxy with his book  Cat Daddy!  I had seen the television show, “My Cat from Hell,” on Animal Planet a few times. I enjoyed the idea of a [...]

The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love and Lit by Jen Adams

The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love, and Lit  by Jen Adams is a bibliophile’s delight!  The book is very well constructed and beautifully designed.  The author is a freelance writer and served as a founding contributing editor of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine,  she moved to New York to be closer to The [...]

Tuscany: Inside the Light by Joel Meyerowitz

A photography book brings with it the opportunity for the reader/viewer to slow down and focus visually.  Nowhere is this experience richer than when exploring the works of Joel Meyerowitz, color photographer pioneer and magician with light.  Tuscany: Inside the Light, a record of this landscape and light over the course of a year is [...]

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