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Tuscany: Inside the Light by Joel Meyerowitz

A photography book brings with it the opportunity for the reader/viewer to slow down and focus visually.  Nowhere is this experience richer than when exploring the works of Joel Meyerowitz, color photographer pioneer and magician with light.  Tuscany: Inside the Light, a record of this landscape and light over the course of a year is a visual masterpiece of 79 color plates arranged by season.  The plates are occasionally interspersed with text written by Meyerowitz’s wife, the novelist and playwright, Maggie Barrett.  Her writing illuminates the photographs and also stands on its own in terms of a powerful lyricism.  My only quibble with the book’s design is that the names Meyerowitz gave to each photograph are only included at the end.  I would have greatly enjoyed having that information adjacent to the plates.  Highly recommended for visual viewing and as a prompt for serious landscape photography.  Tuscany: Inside the Light could also be used as a tool for writing prompts with Barrett’s text as exemplary guides.

Amy P.

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