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The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love and Lit by Jen Adams

The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love, and Lit  by Jen Adams is a bibliophile’s delight!  The book is very well constructed and beautifully designed.  The author is a freelance writer and served as a founding contributing editor of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine,  she moved to New York to be closer to The Strand.  She is at work on a variety of projects, including a zombie novel for middle-grades readers.  Following a trend in book publishing, this title extracts some of the best posts from Jen’s blog, TheBooksTheyGaveMe, which is still very active.  The book (and blog’s) premise is that books make meaningful gifts that can mark stages in the lives of the givers and recipients.  200 titles are featured here with entries featuring each book cover and the brief posts that tell the story of how each gift title fits into the recipient’s life.  For my tastes, too many of the tales are sad (my books tell happier stories!).  What would your gift books say about you?  Is your favorite title included?  Adams blogs sporadically at

Amy P.

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