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Aftermath by Joel Meyerowitz

Sometimes it takes a long time to fully absorb a tragedy, and that’s certainly the case for me and the September 11,2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.  I vividly remember the day, being at work, having children in ‘lockdowns’ at school and being worried about my husband’s colleagues and their air travel plans.  Joel Meyerowitz’s photographic archive, Aftermath, brought some closure for me and provides a visual archive of the cleanup of the site.  The large-size, 7 pound photography book documents Meyerwitz’s visits to the site from September 23, 2001 to June 21, 2002.  I didn’t realize how many other buildings were lost in the attack and how many adjacent personnel were injured or killed.  With its pictures of wounded buildings over the several block site, I could begin to get some sense of the scale.  Meyerowitz’ spare commentary details many of the challenges he had visiting the site.  I am so glad he did; and that the resultant exhibits of his photographic archive have toured world-wide and are available for casual or historical study.

Amy P.

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