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Another Insane Devotion by Peter Trachtenberg

imagesI am usually very cautious about reading a story where an animal plays a large part.  I took a chance on Another Insane Devotion by Peter Trachtenberg.  It seemed, according to reviews, to treat the relationship between the cats and their people as real and meaningful, on the same level and with nuances as with love between humans. This true story is about a writer who is out of state when his cat Bisquit goes missing and his need to find her, at pretty much any cost.  I was not disappointed.  It was like reading Milan Kundera with cats added to the mix of relationships that needed untangling.  The language was straightforward and economical, but replete with insight.  There were some tough spots to read for a tender-hearted cat lover like myself, but the author’s pursuit of understanding and empathy got me though them.  I loved this book.

Sherri M.

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