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Devil’s Wake by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due

imagesDevil’s Wake by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due has Hollywood written all over it-don’t be surprised if it is the next hit movie or TV series.  It’s about zombies and I am happy to report that there is not an ounce of humor in it (there was a period of time when anything released about zombies was either comical or romantic)-I like my horror straight up and cannot tolerate evil beings who  have “relationships” or even any thoughts besides murder and mayhem.  In Devils’ Wake two things set off the infection in people: a certain
mushroom and flu shots.  Once infected, the victim has an overwhelming urge to bite and this is how the infection is spread.  Of course, big cities are hit first and worst.  A group of young adults who are working as camp counselors in rural Washington state escape infection and must try to get to a safe haven in California.  They take the camp dog, Hipshot, and hit the road.  Along the way they add a few more people that Hipshot deems normal (his nose can tell who has been infected and who has not).  Not only do they have to avoid/kill zombies along the way, they also have to deal with “pirates” –these are normal people who aren’t interested in helping anyone, they just want to loot and rape.     Fans of “The Walking Dead” should give this one a try and I will add the future zombie apocalypse to my reasons for owning a dog (and not getting a flu shot!).

Stacy W.

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