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Breaking Point by C.J. Box

imagesI have lost count of how many times I’ve recommended author C.J. Box to other readers-his Joe Pickett series is top notch.  Box’s newest effort, Breaking Point, does not disappoint and has game warden Joe trying to figure out why an acquaintance of his named Butch has went off the deep end (or more accurately, took to the mountains).  Meanwhile, he is also trying to deal with a new boss who is unsure of his methods, help his wife deal w/ a failed restoration of a historical property, train a new dog named Daisy, and catch some guys who poached an antelope just for the thrill of it and posted the deed on Facebook.  As Joe digs deeper into Butch’s background he discovers that Butch was being cheated out of his use of some land he had purchased by evil power hungry bureaucrats at the EPA.  Before you know it, Joe’s new boss wants him to work with the EPA to help them track Butch down and bring him to justice.  But will Joe be able to conduct Butch back safely or will the EPA agents kill Butch as soon as Joe tracks him down?  Read Breaking Point to find out!

Stacy W.

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