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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

imagesThe third novel by Gillian Flynn entitled Gone Girl is a real killer! The suspense that Gillian builds through out the novel is amazing.  On the eave of Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing.  What happens next will keep you reading as this novel is full ride thriller that is guaranteed to keep your attention.  The novel is divided where one chapter is Nick’s thoughts and actions followed by the next being Amy’s point of view and her actions. This was a very interesting way to let the reader be able to dive into the psyches of both of these characters, allowing them to be able to understand what each character has gone through or what they will be going through.  It definitely was not your average story of a missing wife; it was a psychological ride that even at the end left you shaking your head.  It is well worth your time to read this novel.

Jolene L.

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