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Creating Innovators: the Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner

imagesI ran across Creating Innovators while selecting collections for the Mobile Library.  The book addresses disparity between schools and real life application of knowledge.  Placing an importance on play, passion and purpose to bridge the gap of rote information and making a difference in the world.  Parents who stress creativity and play are lauded after the fact. The format of the book largely cites very interesting and successful young change makers in case studies with an eye toward looking back over their early lives to see what made the difference.  Certainly not the majority of schools as we see them today but schools and parents of tomorrow (literally) could jump on board this success.  Some schools (and individual educators) already have in interesting ways told here.  A strong aspect of the book that initially caught my eye was the abundance of QR codes interspersed throughout the pages. Scan the codes while reading to get extended information on that paragraph’s topic or more up-to-date information. In today’s informational stream much is happening while printing is in progress! In other words, what made the man responsible for the iPhone or organic shoes?

Linda P.

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