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Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

imagesIf you like your mysteries as violent as I do then Gun Machine by Warren Ellis will be a pleasure for you to read.   Although he doesn’t realize it, veteran NYPD detective John Tallow has just been going through the motions with his job for a while now.  After his partner is killed in an apartment building, Tallow discovers a huge collection of guns in one of the dwellings there that rejuvenates his interest in detection and police work.  Forensics discovers that all of these guns have been used in unsolved murders so a ton of cold cases are reopened which creates a lot of work (which a lot of the employees resent).  Unfortunately for Tallow, he’s actually assigned the gun case because a lot of powerful people do not want the case solved and think that he will be useless at it.   He hits roadblocks everywhere he turns and is assigned to work with two CSUs that are also not on anyone’s favorite list.  But the three work brilliantly together and end up being real adversaries to the corrupt police officials and criminals running the city.  Highly recommended.

Stacy W.

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