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The World We Have: a Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology by Thich Nhat Hanh

“Only when we combine environmentalism with spiritual practice, will we find the tools to make the profound personal transformations needed to address the planetary crisis” writes Melvin McLeod in his recommendation for reading The World we have: a Buddhist approach to Peace and Ecology  by Thich Nhat Hanh. This tiny book (141 pages, 4.5 x [...]

Full Body Burden by Kirsten Iversen

Kirsten Iversen grew up in the seventies and though she lived in Colorado and I lived in Indiana, our childhoods were very much alike.  Every kid in the neighborhood had either a horse or a dirt bike.  Moms kicked kids out of the house after breakfast and didn’t want them back inside until dinner.  However, [...]

Wisdom Walk by Sage Bennet

I checked out Wisdom Walk to provide a resource at a recent retreat.  I ended up using it myself and commend it to other readers.  The book is subtitled “Nine practices for creating peace and balance from the World’s spiritual traditions”.  The traditions covered are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native American Spirituality, Taoism, and [...]

Long Day at the End of the World by Brent Hendricks

Frequently there seems to be stories in the news about fraudulent prepaid funeral home plans but in the early 2000s the Tri-State Crematory in Georgia made national news for not cremating bodies.  Officials found bodies in various states of decay all over the property and funeral homes had just been given a mixture of ground [...]

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