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Long Day at the End of the World by Brent Hendricks

imagesFrequently there seems to be stories in the news about fraudulent prepaid funeral home plans but in the early 2000s the Tri-State Crematory in Georgia made national news for not cremating bodies.  Officials found bodies in various states of decay all over the property and funeral homes had just been given a mixture of ground animal bones and concrete as the cremains.  This went on from 1997, when Brent Marsh took over the crematory from his father, to 2002.  The weird thing about this situation is that Marsh has never explained why he chose to properly cremate some bodies and dumped others around his property in outbuildings and the woods.  Also it’s more than a little strange that local authorities had two heads up months apart about the decomposing bodies that were seen scattered on the property and did nothing.  Author Brent Hendricks’ family had their urn of his father’s ashes tested and discovered they were not human.  Long Day at the End of the World: A Story of Desecration and Revelation in the Deep South is the story of Hendricks’ journey to find out what happened to his father’s body and try to make peace with his memories of his father.  Ultimately, Hendricks’ father’s body is identified by an expensive pair of cowboy boots that he had on when he died but many bodies were not identified.  Crematorium owner Brent Marsh is now in jail but there is still no closure for many families.  Sad.

Stacy W.

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