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Wisdom Walk by Sage Bennet

imagesI checked out Wisdom Walk to provide a resource at a recent retreat.  I ended up using it myself and commend it to other readers.  The book is subtitled “Nine practices for creating peace and balance from the World’s spiritual traditions”.  The traditions covered are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native American Spirituality, Taoism, and New Thought.  The practices included are:home altars, meditation, prayer, forgiveness, Sabbath, nature, going with the flow, and visioning.  The ninth practice common to all traditions is service to others.  This book provides a small introduction to each of the practices and the tradition.  Serious practitioners would need to find more detailed resources for any particular topic.  I enjoyed exploring the commonality among the traditions and practices.  The author Sage Bennet, is an academic and an ordained minister.  She provides personal examples of how some of the practices have been applicable in her own life.  The book concludes with a toolkit and checklists for the practices which would enable the book to be used both for group study and individual use.

Amy P.

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