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The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

imagesJodi Picoult’s, The Storyteller, is her most recently released book. I would give this book five stars across the board-it was fantastic!  The story asks who is allowed to grant forgiveness? Who benefits from it, the giver or the receiver? Picoult’s main character is a baker cleverly named Sage. Sage’s emotional past is unraveled through other character’s stories throughout the novel. Sage becomes acquainted with Josef Weber through her job at the bakery and through grief group meetings. He asks her to help him with the unthinkable, to die. He seeks forgiveness from his past by telling Sage his story of being a Nazi SS guard during World War II. Sage’s story unravels further when Picoult writes in extensive detail Sage’s grandmother’s story of her time in Auschwitz. Intertwined in the story is a fable told by Sage’s grandmother that brings Josef’s story and Sage’s grandmother’s story together. As I was listening to the audio version of this book, I was picturing scenes from Schindler’s List. This emotionally compelling and well written historical fiction book would be excellent for book groups and discussions.

Marlene K.

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