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The Passage by Justin Cronin and NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

imagesI just finished two great horror novels and thought why not write a recommendation for both?  Justin Cronin’s The Passage came out several years ago and got stellar reviews-I just now got around to reading it and it was wonderful!  And a recent release that has gotten lots of rave reviews is Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 – it is also awesome.  Both books come in at over 600 pages but they are the kind of books that you wish went on for another 600.  Cronin’s story is about vampires that were created by our defense department when they were experimenting to make the perfect soldier who heals quickly, etc.  The military tries out its formulas in a heavily secured facility on death row inmates who have run out of appeals and have no relatives interested in what has happened to them.  Of course, disaster strikes the facility and the infected inmates get loose.  Most of the human race is obliterated but there are some survivors in safe areas and they have to figure out how to stay alive and possibly kill the monsters that were created.   In Hill’s NOS4A2, there is an evil main character named Charlie Manx who drives a vintage Rolls Royce and goes around kidnapping mothers and their children.  His helper rapes and imageskills the mothers and Manx drives the children to his warped fantasy land “Christmasland”.  Manx believes that he can see the future and that he is saving the children from whatever wrong deeds their mothers are going to do and the kids will be happy forever in Christmasland.  Unfortunately, as the evil road trips progress, Manx slowly absorbs the minds of the children and they become little monsters.  There are a few special people who realize what Manx is doing and try to stop him-one is a librarian!  Two top notch horror picks for you summer reading pleasure.

Stacy W.

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4 Responses to “The Passage by Justin Cronin and NOS4A2 by Joe Hill”

  1. Great choice on The Passage! It’s being turned into a movie, you know. Are you planning to read The Twelve by Justin Cronin next? It’s book #2 in the trilogy with the final book scheduled for next year sometime.

  2. Did not know it’s going to be a movie-hope the author maintains lots of control so they do not stray too far from the book. Yeah I just finished The Twelve and thought it was excellent too!

    Stacy W

  3. Ridley Scott bought the movie rights before The Passage was even finished – that’s pretty impressive. I wonder if it would make a better TV series, though? They’re long books with lots of jumping back and forth. I could see something like Lost working really well.

    I’m going on vacation next week – any recommendations for books like The Passage & The Twelve besides “The Stand”?


  4. I agree that a TV series sounds better! Well, I’m the monitor for our book blog and write some reviews, but I think for book recommendations I would direct you to our reference department at 429-0113 or you can just try our ask a librarian link. They are more skilled at Reader’s Advisory than I am-don’t want to steer you wrong. Or you can just look at my history of reviews on the blog if you think that you have some of the same tastes in fiction.

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