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Suspect by Robert Crais

imagesI was a little leery of Robert Crais’ new bestseller Suspect because one of the main characters is Maggie who is a dog.  I do not like cutesy fiction featuring animals and yet I also did not want to read about a dog getting killed.  There are no worries with Suspect though because although Maggie is in danger a lot and does get hurt, she is alive at the end and hopefully on her way to being the star of a series.  Maggie is a military dog in Afghanistan helping to find explosives when her partner gets killed.  Scott is a cop in L.A. when his partner is killed.  Both are damaged goods and everyone thinks Scott should take medical retirement and Maggie should retire with a nice family.  But they  meet and Scott convinces the police dog unit to take a chance on him and Maggie.  It’s a hard road-Maggie is still attached to her former partner and can’t hear loud noises without flinching.  Scott is obsessed with finding his partner’s murderer even though he supposed to stay away from the investigation.  He has never even been around dogs and has a lot to learn.  It’s awesome to see him going from someone who could care less about dogs to someone who has a passion for them, especially Maggie.  Crais does a great job with short takes on what Maggie is thinking and the best parts of the book are the parts at the K-9  training facility and the interactions with the workers there.  Highly recommended, a fast read.

Stacy W.

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