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The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

imagesI first became a Jo Nesbo fan with the English release of Redbreast in 2007. Redbreast was the 3rd Harry Hole novel and I now find that I am still catching up in this series due to idiosyncratic publishing in English. That said, I find The Redeemer, #6 in the series, to be the most satisfying in terms of twists in the plot. #10, Police, is not yet available in the U.S. Let’s back up now and talk about Nesbo and his very popular detective series. Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian musician, songwriter, economist, and author. He has an excellent website,, where you will find excellent writing in his own literary biography, should you want to know more about this interesting polymath. The Harry Hole series is not for the squeamish, containing as it does the noir, jaded perspective on life found in modern Nordic detective fiction. The crimes are brutal and Oslo’s streets are mean. Like many other fictional detectives, Harry Hole is a recovering alcoholic guided by a burning sense of justice. It’s his many character flaws accompanied by his amazing insights into the human condition, and crime analysis skills, that make these novels great reading. The Redeemer‘s plot revolves around rottenness at the core of Norway’s Salvation Army leadership and includes a connection to damaged refugees from the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why would someone murder a Salvation Army Christmas caroler? Nesbo is well-served by British translator Don Bartlet who also translates for Lars Saaby Christensen, Roy Jacobsen, Ingvar Ambjornesen, Kjell Ola Dahl and Pernille Rygg.

Amy P.

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