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Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee

imagesBobcat and other stories by Rebecca Lee is a book of short stories full of unlikely relationships. In “The Banks of the Vistula” a freshman college student becomes so enamored of an obscure little book that she plagiarizes a paper, nearly copying the whole text. She’s offered many chances to back down and come clean but doesn’t. Even after she’s thought it over and she’s not as keen on the text as she had been, she irrationally sticks to her story while forming an improbable bond with her accusing professor. In the title story, the least damaged person at a dinner party is a woman who lost her arm during a bobcat attack.  As the food is passed around a marriage falls apart and another is in jeopardy. There are a lot of terrifically flawed but relatable characters in these stories. I wanted the best outcome for each one. Each story is a self-contained, authentic world that’s easy place to get lost in.  I recommend this book to short story readers.

Sherri M.

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