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Deadly Design and Deadly Will by Marion Moore Hill

imagesIt’s always fun meeting authors in person and I had the opportunity to meet mystery writer Marion Moore Hill at a recent TCPL program.  I was familiar with Hill’s paperback ‘scrappy librarian’ mystery series as I like occupational mysteries.  Those books were grabbed up by customers when I put them on display last April during National Library Week.  Hill is a good speaker and she gave her audience interesting insights into how she does her research and writes her books.  My own interest was piqued by another of her series,”The Deadly Past” and asked that TCPL order both Deadly Will and Deadly Design.  Because I am very interested in architecture, I read Deadly Design first.  The plot features both Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest retreat and the fictitious Highgrove, a nearby home purportedly also designed by Jefferson.  Recently wealthy single mom Millie Kirchner is our protagonist.  She also figures in the first book, Deadly Will.  Millie plans to spend her summer touring Jeffersonian landmarks with her 9-year old son.  Their first stop is Lynchburg where Mollie plans to volunteer at Poplar Forest while Danny attends the imagesarcheology camp.  One murder precedes them and another soon follows.  Whom among Millie’s housemates or the crews at both Highgrove or Poplar Forest have the motive and opportunity to commit the crimes?  While trying to solve the mystery, readers learn a reasonable amount about urban archaeology digs and historical research.  Light reading providing great ideas for future travel.

Amy P.

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