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Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

imagesRecently I found a newer YA author that caught my eye, Scott Tracey. His novel Witch Eyes is a supernatural thriller with a bit of romance thrown into the mix. The main character Braden grew up in rural Montana with his Uncle John. Braden was home schooled under his Uncle’s careful watch as Brayden has a unique gift that he must keep hidden from the world. It is this magical power that causes him to realize his Uncle John is in trouble and if he does not go to his Uncle’s hometown of Belle Dam his Uncle will perish. Brayden has quite an adventure that leads him into a good old fashioned family feud that is instigated by their attorney. Brayden learns quite a bit about his magic abilities and uses them to attempt to fix the tainted path the lawyer created for his family and the town. Over all this book kept my attention and was a great read.

Jolene L.

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