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The Highway by C.J.Box

imagesAfter reading The Highway by C.J. Box my advice to anyone driving is to give those big truck drivers a wide berth and some respect!  It’s probably not a good idea to engage them in road rage episodes, especially if you are driving a small car.  And especially if you are a self- centered, young, attractive girl who already has a “check engine light” blinking in your vehicle and are driving through an area where cell phone service is unreliable.  This mystery features renegade police officer Cody Hoyt who last appeared in Back of Beyond.  His son Justin’s girlfriend and her sister are driving up to see him when they disappear on a remote stretch of highway and as usual Cody tries to come to the rescue.  The Highway has surprising plot twists and I would definitely rank it up there with some of my favorites from the Joe Pickett series by Box.

Stacy W.

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