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Bootstrapper: from Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm by Mardi Jo Link

images“Perpetual good cheer, it turns out, can kill a marriage”-I love that line from Bootstrapper: from broke to badass on a northern Michigan farm by Mardi Jo Link.  After a 20 year marriage and 3 sons, the author finally gets to live on a farm with her family like she has dreamed of doing since she was a little girl.  Not too much time passes before her and her husband decide to divorce and she has to try to raise those boys and hold on to the farm that she loves.  Her husband claimed that it was hard “waking up every goddamn morning next to Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm.” This is the story of her and the boys working their hearts out to keep that farm functioning, the mortgage paid, the heat on and food in their bellies.   Although she makes thousands of sacrifices, she really only dwells on a couple-losing one of her horses and having to sell a small part of her land to stay afloat.  If I ever met the author, I’d tell her I understood completely and feel the same way about my land-I never want to be separated from it and pine for it when I’m away.  I hope the sales from this book allow her to buy even more land and animals!

Stacy W.

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