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Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler

imagesAlice and Daniel are both searching.  Alice, near thirty has always seen herself as the outsider in her family.  She lost her mother to a car accident at four and never felt the closeness that seemed to bind her father and two older sisters.  She is out of the country (as she often is) when she learns her father is dying and makes it home with little time but for saying goodbye.  Alice is filled with regret and searching for answers.  Daniel has been homeless nearly thirty years.  He loved a woman once and she was nearly his undoing. He is searching for the daughter he’s never met.  Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love is told in alternating chapters by our two main characters.  Each begins with a list. Some are funny and some are heartbreaking.  They give us some insight to the inner workings of two very different people who similarly try to make order of their world.  Anticipation builds with each list/chapter in hopes of both Alice and Daniel finding what they’re looking for.

Sherri M.

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