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Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett

imagesSerendipity is a grand thing!  While waiting for a meeting to start one day, I browsed the new fiction display…and came away with Amy Falls Down simply because….my name is Amy.  Now I did peek at the blurb and Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett contains many fiction elements that I enjoy.  The main character, Amy Gallup, is an author and a writing instructor living in California with her dog Alphonse.  A freak accident reinvigorates her literary career and leads to many adventures.  There is much in the book about the ‘business’ of authorship and publishing…and it’s all accomplished with a light, ironic touch.  Willett has also written The Writing Class (winner of the National Book Award) and Jenny and the Jaws of Life, a book of short stories.  I’ll certainly be reading those in the future.

Amy P.

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