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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

imagesAs I loved Stephen King’s The Shining (both the book and the movie), I couldn’t wait to read the sequel to it called Doctor Sleep.  I’m not sure I was as frightened when I read it as I was when I read its predecessor, but then I was a lot younger back then.  Doctor Sleep was a great story though and after the adult Dan Torrance fights through his alcohol issues he turns into a really good guy (if young Danny in The Shining had seen the future and known that he would end up a drunk just like his dad he wouldn’t have been able to believe it).    Dan uses his “shining” for good things-mostly in nursing homes helping dying patients but he discovers that there is a group of evil people called the True Knot roaming America in RVs killing children who have the shining.  The only way the Knot can survive is to torture these children and inhale their “steam” as they are dying.  The Knot looks and dresses just like typical retired people and certainly don’t come across as monsters who are hundreds of years old.  When Abra Stone, a girl who has one of the most powerful shinings that anyone has ever seen, is targeted, Dan knows he has to go after the group and kill them.  Over 500 pages long but a fast, easy, exciting read.  I know King hated the movie version of The Shining so I wonder if he will have this made into a movie and if so, how will he handle all the flashbacks to his childhood that Dan has in Doctor Sleep?  Would he use scenes from The Shining or make new ones?

Stacy W.

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