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Maddaddam by Margaret Atwood

imagesWhy are people often up in arms about genetic modification, cloning, and climate control? What about bioengineering, where can that lead? How desensitized are we as people becoming because of the violence that we watch in entertainment?  Imagine what the perfect human would be like? Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam  gives us a look, that at first, may seem farfetched, although you end up asking yourself, is it really? A blend of speculative fiction, satiric futurism, this post-apocalyptic series leads us down a road that shows the decimation of the planet and eventually humanity. Throughout the series we are given the point of view of a handful of characters, their experiences, and a view into the world they each live in. Pharmaceutical companies try to control health and disease. Private security in place of government police. Bioengineering chicken meat to eat-without growing a whole live chicken. A stark contrast between rich and poor; uneducated and educated. And the perfect human that knows no jealousy, rage and eats only plants. This story starts with Orxy and Crake in which we are introduced to Snowman and the Crakers-genetically modified perfect humans. We learn of the current state of the planet-desolate and much of it unlivable and a super virus killed almost all of humanity. Without giving it all away, Year of the Flood fills in all the questions we are asking throughout Orxy and Crake- MaddAddam is the story of rebuilding a world we have broken. This book may seem fantastical, however perhaps like me, as you are reading you will see all of the truth behind what the story is telling us, and maybe you will recognize that this story is possibly a shadow of our society today, and a very real possibility of what the future could look like. After you read this book, I have two questions for you, what year does this all take place in? How far in the future does Atwood see this as a possibility?

Denise P.

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