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Girl Hunter by Georgia Pellegrini

imagesIn Girl Hunter, author Georgia Pellegrini is on a mission to try and eat more meat that she hunts and kills and less meat from grocery stores.  Already a chef by trade, she also blogs about food and wrote Food Heroes.  She reminisces about when she was a little girl, she was always out in nature gathering food but then her family sent her to private school in NYC.  Next was Wall Street and the corporate world until she realized she wasn’t living the life she wanted to lead.  She went to culinary school and after cooking in a few restaurants  decided that she would appreciate her food more if she actually put the work into hunting it (not to mention how much healthier a wild animal is for you compared to factory farm animals).  Some of her insights were interesting-when she went on hunting trips to England she observed that in that country shotguns and rifles are “symbols of class and sophistication” but in America a lot of people seem to see them as a symbol of being a redneck.  She also said that more cows are killed every day in America than bison are killed in a year!  This was fascinating to me as I’m a big beef fan but bison burgers are also delicious.  Anyway, this book is chock full of recipes for venison, quail, duck, elk, etc-if you are concerned about where your food is coming from, or are a hunter yourself, this book is a good read.

Stacy W.

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