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King and Maxwell by David Baldacci

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are ex-Secret Service agents, now turned private eyes. The story begins with a chance meeting with a teenaged boy, running through the streets. The pair follow, as Michelle wants to make sure the boy isn’t in any trouble. Turns out, the boy, Tyler Wingo, has just learned that his father, [...]

The Boy Who Loved Math: the Improbable Life of Paul Erdos by Deborah Heiligman

I always think it’s a shame that more adults don’t read children’s’ books.  I remember fondly the years where children’s literature filled both my working life as a children’s librarian and my home life as a parent.   It was a great pleasure, then, for me to stumble on a list of best children’s books of [...]

Let Him Go by Larry Watson

You and I both know people who are obsessed with their grandkids.  In Let Him Go by Larry Watson, Margaret Blackledge takes this to the extreme.  After her son James dies in a freak accident and his widow Lorna marries another man (Donnie Weboy), Margaret becomes obsessed with getting her grandson Jimmy back.  Lorna and [...]

The King’s Grave: The Discovery of Richard III’s Lost Burial Place and the Clues It Holds by Phillipa Langley

Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, was slain in the final battle of the Wars of the Roses at Bosworth Field in 1485.  As well as being a notable character in history, Richard is the subject of many books and a Shakespeare play, as well as of controversy that has spanned centuries.  Was [...]

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