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Let Him Go by Larry Watson

imagesYou and I both know people who are obsessed with their grandkids.  In Let Him Go by Larry Watson, Margaret Blackledge takes this to the extreme.  After her son James dies in a freak accident and his widow Lorna marries another man (Donnie Weboy), Margaret becomes obsessed with getting her grandson Jimmy back.  Lorna and Jimmy have moved away and Margaret insists on tracking them down.  Her husband George isn’t as interested, but he’s devoted to Margaret so he goes along.  After tracking them down in Montana, Margaret tries to convince Lorna to leave her husband and move back to their home in North Dakota with Jimmy.  Or if Lorna wants to stay, let them take Jimmy home to raise.  This infuriates the Weboy clan and they are a family that causes a lot of trouble and gets away with whatever they choose to do.  Violence ensues and at first Margaret is ready to forget everything, thankful that her and her husband are still alive,  and go home,  but then she starts pining for that kid again.  Margaret gets the kid in the end but at a great cost and while I would never have been willing to pay the price that she did, she probably thinks it is worth it!

Stacy W.

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