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The Chopin Manuscript by Jeffrey Deaver

imagesHarry Middleton is in the middle of an intricate mystery.  Is the Chopin manuscript a fake? If so, why is Heinrich dead, and why is Harry being chased, and framed? The Chopin Manuscript is a fast-paced thriller, filled with classical music, past war crimes, theft, secret codes and murder in Kosovo, Poland and D.C. The story of how the novel was written is almost as interesting as the novel itself.  Jeffrey Deaver, (The Copper Bracelet) conceived the idea and wrote the first few chapters. It was then sent to over 10 other mystery writers (including Lisa Scottoline and Lee Child) to add one chapter each. Then  it was up to Deaver to complete the final few chapters, tying up the many loose ends and reconciling the plot and the myriad characters. If you are a fan of any of the included authors, or a fan of TV mystery dramas, give this one a try.
Kate M

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