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Mrs. Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn

imagesMrs. Queen Takes the Train is the first novel from historian William Kuhn who has also written biographies about key characters in Queen Victoria’s court and a look at Jackie Kennedy’s personality through the books she edited. Mrs. Queen novelizes an unusual day in the life of the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Feeling out-of sorts and missing the royal yacht Britannia, the Queen ‘disappears’ from Buckingham Palace and the staff endeavor to locate her without calling in MI5! It’s a day of interesting adventures for the Queen who walks along London streets she has not visited since World War II and then travels north to Leath on the train! Mrs. Queen Takes the Train also explores the lives of the royal staff and contains an interesting subplot involving a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. It’s both a gentle send-up of British society and a look at aging. For more material in a similar vein, readers should also try Alan Bennett”s The Uncommon Reader where the Queen stumbles across a mobile library and is guided through many literary adventures. TCPL owns 6 novels about Elizabeth’s life. Ask your librarian to help find them!

Amy P.

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  1. Mrs Queen thinks Amy P is a brilliant librarian and thanks her for this review, which is both kind and accurate.

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