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Nowhere Nice by Rick Gavin

nowhereIn Rick Gavin’s latest Nowhere Nice crazy meth dealer Guy Boudrot has escaped from prison.  Guy was a major villain in Gavin’s previous work and of course he is out for revenge on every person he thinks had a hand in putting him in prison.  Repo workers Nick and Desmond know they are on Boudrot’s list and they run around trying to warn everyone else who was involved the last time while also trying to stay alive themselves.  Nick and Desmond are also interested in hunting down Boudrot because by the time the police catch up with him, too many people will be hurt or dead.  They can’t get very many people interested in helping them out until Boudrot kills one of his target’s coonhounds and then everyone wants to help-there are people in this world who might deserve to die but you just don’t kill someone’s dog.  The problem with everyone’s help though is that most of it is pretty incompetent.  This is another funny, violent romp through the Mississippi Delta from Gavin.  Love his books.

Stacy W.

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