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Deep Winter by Samuel W. Gailey

deepThe bad guy in Deep Winter is Deputy Mike Sokowski, but although some people in town think of him as a bully, no one realizes just how bad he is until one winter night.  Except for his best friend Carl, he hides from everyone his drug and excessive alcohol use, and certainly, most people are unaware that he is growing and selling marijuana.  The victim of a lot of Mike’s bullying is Danny Bedford, a man who is mentally challenged.  The only person in town who is actually nice to Danny is a waitress named Mindy who also happens to be Mike’s on and off girlfriend.  When Danny walks over to Mindy’s house on her birthday to give her a present and discovers her dead, he almost falls apart.  Mike and Carl are there too and say they just found her body, and they tell Danny to stand guard over it while they go and get help.  Of course, innocent Danny is blamed for Mindy’s murder, and that killing is actually just the beginning of one long violent night in this small town.  Couldn’t put it down.

Stacy W.

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