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The Drop by Dennis Lehane

Wow! Loved The Drop by Dennis Lehane. I had just finished another good (but really long) book so I picked this short book (around 200 pages) to read next and read it straight through. What a great story! Bob, a quiet guy who has a steady job and lives alone, is walking home from work  [...]

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

Once, the city of Bulikov was ruled by the powers of six gods, Divinities of unique and diverse abilities. With the guidance of the Divinities, Bulikov is able to dominate other countries, including the distant country of Saypuri, which has no Divinities of its own. Yet, a Saypuri named Kaj is able to kill the [...]

Shots Fired by C.J. Box

I am not a huge fan of short story collections, but every once in a while one comes along that I like (see Crimes in Southern Indiana). C.J. Box’s Shots Fired is one that I would definitely recommend. Not all of the stories feature game warden Joe Pickett, but they’re all good. “Blood Knot” is [...]

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Jenna Metcalf is thirteen years old, lives with her grandmother, and regularly visits her dad in the mental hospital. Yet, in spite of all the emotional drama that this could create, Jenna is fine with her life except for one small detail: her mother, Alice, disappeared ten years ago, and no one can seem to [...]

Rooms by Lauren Oliver

Richard Walker has just died, and his family is soon to arrive to start making the final arrangements for his funeral and for the sale of his empty home. Richard Walker’s family is not aware that Richard Walker’s home is not empty at all: It is the home of two ghosts, Alice and Sandra. Ghosts, [...]

The Orenda by Joseph Boyden

Joseph Boyden burst on the Canadian literary scene with Three Day Road in 2005, a novel about two young Cree men who volunteer in the First World War, becoming snipers. It was followed up by Through Black Spruce, set in Moosonee Ontario and narrated by Will Bird and his niece Annie Bird with the narration [...]

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

If you ever read Tom Rob Smith’s Child 44 trilogy, you can expect his latest effort, The Farm, to be just as good although it is very different. Daniel’s parents have retired to a farm in Sweden which is his mother’s native country. Daniel wants to visit them someday but has been putting it off [...]

The Alpine Christmas by Mary Daheim

As the holiday season freneticism descends, I always enjoy some light holiday reading, and The Alpine Christmas fits the bill. Written by Mary Daheim, this mystery takes place in timber country in Washington state. Its protagonist is Emma Lord, a weekly newspaper editor. Not only does the mystery take place at Christmas, but the holiday [...]

The Bones Beneath by Mark Billingham

Settling into a new book in Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne series is like finally relaxing in your favorite chair after a hard day. In Billingham’s latest book, The Bones Beneath, Detective Thorne is assigned the mentally arduous task of accompanying one of the worst murderers he ever caught, serial killer Stuart Nicklin, to the supposed [...]

Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

In Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman, Liz Daniels is living a happy life juggling a mini organic farm and business, two kids, and a husband, Paul, who is a professor at the local college. Liz is all for sustainable living and does her best to follow her beliefs 90% of the time, but her husband [...]

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