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North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person

Cea Sunrise Person spent her childhood and adolescence as part of a free-spirited family who left California to spend their nomadic life in a series of teepees and makeshift housing in Canada during the 1970s in the sunset of the counterculture movement, moving in and out of relationships, living off the land, doing drugs. Family [...]

Drinking With Miss Dutchie by Ed Breslin

Drinking with Miss Dutchie by Ed Breslin is not the best book I’ve read in a while but nevertheless it is a worthwhile read especially if you love animals. The book is about the author’s struggle with alcoholism and nervous breakdowns and how adopting a dog helped him fight these demons. Breslin absolutely adores his [...]

A Time to Plant: life lessons in work, prayer, and dirt by Kyle T. Kramer

It’s always a pleasure to read ‘close to home’ and Kyle T. Kramer’s A Time to Plant, is just that…an Indiana story. A Time to Plant follows Kramer’s evolution from a theologian rooted in academia to an organic farmer in southern Indiana. His book comes highly touted by Phyllis Tickle, Luke Timothy Johnson, and Scott [...]

Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich

One of the great librarians here at TCPL recommended Made from Scratch to me because she knew about my interest in becoming more self-sufficient.  What I liked about this book is that the author, Jenna Woginrich, has a lot of the same feelings as I do: a dislike for the rampant consumerism in today’s world, [...]


Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi One of my favorite comics artists, Kevin O’Neill once said in an interview about drawing comic books, “You can tell a big story in an economic way.” This is exactly what author/artist Marjane Satrapi has done in her Graphic Novel “Persepolis”. Persepolis is an autobiographical tale of Ms. Satrapi’s life in [...]

Life With My Sister Madonna, by Christopher Ciccone with Wendy Leigh

  I have always felt a kinship with Madonna largely because she was born in my home town, Bay City, Michigan. Her grandparents lived down by the Water Street train tracks, just like my father’s family—it was the poor part of town. I’ve followed her spectacular career with interest and was hoping for more new [...]

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