The Portal

The Downtown Library features a technology center with a wide variety of technology resources including audio and video editing equipment. 

The Family Memory Center

The Family Memory Center at the Downtown Library features local newspaper and census microfilm and geneaology resources. It also has equipment for scanning and digitizing a wide variety of materials from VHS tapes to slides. Once you are finished with your project you can print it out on archival or photographic paper.

Digital Arts at the Branches

The Klondike and Wyandotte Branches also have digital arts technology that duplicates some of the resources found in the Portal and the Family Memory Center. Please call to check what specific resources are available at each location.


TCPL provides a variety of computers for public use at each location. Computers are available to access the library catalog, library databases, educational games and the internet. Computers may also have programs available for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. The amount of time and functionality available may be limited due to the popularity of these services. These resources are governed by the Computer Use Policy and the Computer Use Rules.


TCPL has wireless Internet access at all library locations. To access the wireless internet patrons are required to read and agree to the Wireless Access Rules.

Assistive Equipment

The downtown library offers a computer with an array of hardware and software for people with vision and/or mobility challenges.


TCPL uses a content filter on all youth and wireless internet access. Unfiltered access is only available on the adult internet stations. Visitors under the age of 18 must have a signed parent/guardian waiver on file to access the unfiltered adult stations.

Printing & Copying

Printing and copying fees are $0.10/page for black & white and $0.50/page color.  In the Family Memory Center, the archival-quality printer charges $1.00 per page. Payment is done using your library account. You can add money to your account at the print station in the Portal, or at the information desk at the Wyandotte and Klondike branches. Some copiers at the Downtown branch will also accept change.

Scanning is available for free at all branches. The multi-function copier near the computer area is able to save scans to a USB drive or to email them. TCPL does not have a public fax machine, but you may scan a document and send it via fax from our PCs utilizing one of a number of online fax services.