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Nursing Home & Special Facility Services 

Nursing Home Deposit Collections

The Outreach Services Department delivers library materials on a monthly basis to any nursing home or special care facility located within Tippecanoe County Public Library district. Items are delivered on the second Friday of each month. This service is free and available to any nursing home or institution that possesses a valid Tippecanoe County Public Library card.

Interested in Services?

If you know of someone living in a nursing home who might enjoy this service, or for more information about receiving this service, call the Outreach Services office at (765) 429-0169, or email the Outreach Department This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Homebound Services (Library Link)

The Library Link Program is a free library materials delivery service to customers in Tippecanoe County who due to extended or acute illness, physical disabilities or other circumstance, cannot take advantage of library services at a library facility or the Mobile Library. Library Link customers are matched with a volunteer who brings library materials on a monthly basis.

 Homebound Customers

You can apply to the Library Link program at the library if you:

  • Anticipate being homebound for 2 months or longer
  • Need services in order to have access to library materials

Applying to the Library Link Program

  • Contact Library and set up time for home visit. Call 429-0193 or email us at LIBRARY LINK This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Fill out application for program
  • Fill out borrower's card application if needed
  • Complete Customer preference profile
  • Read and sign rules governing acceptable homebound environment

If we have volunteers, customers are matched up right away. Otherwise customers go on a waiting list.

Library Link Volunteers

You can bring the Tippecanoe County Public Library to someone's door!

The Library Link program represents a unique opportunity to serve your community and enrich your life by bringing homebound customers library materials.

Becoming a Library Link Volunteer

  • Contact Library and arrange for an interview. Call 429-0193 or email us at LIBRARY LINK This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Complete application
  • Background check
    (done by library)
  • Fill out volunteer preference profile
  • Pass the interview

If there are homebound customers needing services, a match is made after all materials have been collected. Otherwise volunteer applications are retained as active for a year or until a match is made.

 Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library

Visually impaired customers or those with a disability that prevents use of standard library materials may be eligible to borrow from the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library. This service provides digital talking books and digital players. It also offers Braille and large type books and magazines. TCPL maintains a deposit collection of talking books that are for use with the state library-issued players. For more information, call (765)429-0113 or visit the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library Web site

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TCPL Mobile Library


Mobile Library Statement of Purpose 

It is the role of the Tippecanoe County Public Library Outreach Services Department to deliver library services and resources to persons outside the library with emphasis on those who are un-served or underserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers.

Definition of Underserved Populations for Mobile Library Service priorities:


  • Communities of persons residing three or more miles from a public library facility


  • Communities/neighborhoods/educational institutions in which fees or rent are determined on a sliding scale or are government subsidized
  • Nursing Homes, Senior Housing, and Assisted Living facilities residents
  • Facilities that house and/or educate physically and mentally disabled persons
  • Persons who are incarcerated

In addition to providing service to the above-defined populations, the TCPL Mobile Library may also reach underserved populations by expanding service to:

Convenience Clusters:

  • Workplace stops
  • Consumer/commercial stops
  • Promotional/Special Event stops

Daycares/ Summer Camps:

In order for daycares and/or summer camps to be eligible for TCPL Mobile Library service they must be licensed, have at least 15 children ages 2-14 registered and meet at least one other criterion in the list below:

  • Located 2 miles or more from a library facility
  • Receive government assistance, enrollment fees determined on a sliding scale, or have children receiving government assistance
  • No facility owned vehicle(s) capable of legally transporting groups of children

The Mobile Library currently visits daycares once monthly.

For more information, please call the Outreach Services office at (765) 429-0169.

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