Questions you may have:

What happens if my items are overdue?

Why do I have a bill on my account?

May I see a list of the library's fines and fees?


What happens if my items are overdue?

When materials are late the library makes several attempts to contact cardholders. This includes an automated phone system called iTIva, text messaging, e-mail, and mail to notify the cardholder.  (For privacy and security reasons, the automated system and text messages will not provide specific title information.)  If you have a question, there are several ways you can check the status of materials checked out to your account:

  • In person at any of our locations
  • Online with Tipcat's My Account
  • Over the phone at (765)429-0123
  • Via a 24/7 automated line (765) 429-0204
  • Via BookMyne, an app for Apple and Android devices

Please keep in mind that these notifications are a courtesy and the card holder is still responsible for returning items on time.  The library does not charge daily overdue fines; however, if your materials become long overdue, your account may be submitted to a collection agency.  A $10.00 non-refundable fee is then added to your account.


Why do I have a bill on my account?

The library's collection belongs to everyone. Please return materials promptly so others may enjoy them. The library does not assess daily overdue fines for overdue materials.  However, materials long overdue will be considered lost. Materials returned in poor condition will be billed as damaged.

Items considered lost or damaged will be billed for the replacement cost of the item and a $3 processing fee per item.  Once a charge is applied to a card holder's account the bill must be resolved before borrowing privileges will be restored.

Library accounts that have lost or billed items may be submitted to Unique National Collections, a materials recovery agency, and will be billed a non-refundable $10 referral fee per account.

Any fee on your library account will keep you from checking out other items.  These fees can be paid at any of our branches or by credit card over the phone by calling circulation services at (765) 429-0123.


May I see a list of the library's fines and fees?

  • Processing Fee - $5.00

  • Replacement Borrower Card - $1.00

  • Missing Pocket - $1.00

  • Missing Bar Code - $1.00

  • Torn Page (per page) - $1.00

  • Defaced Material - Up to replacement cost

  • Damaged Material - Up to replacement cost

  • Black & White Photocopy (per page) - $0.10

  • Color Photocopy (per page) - $0.50
  • Black & White Print Out (per page) - $0.10

  • Color Print Out (per page) - $0.50
  • Genealogical Search (per name) - $10.00

  • Floppy Disc - $1.00

  • Referral Fee (applies when account is turned over to collection agency) - $10.00

  • Non-Resident Borrower's Card - $50.00
    2015 PLAC * - $65.00

Fines and fees adopted by the TCPL Board of Trustees September 6, 1994 (*except 2015 PLAC).
Last revision approved March 5, 2002.