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Getting a Tippecanoe County Public Library Card is easy and often takes only a few minutes.  Below are some questions you may have about getting a card.  Remember you will need to bring in a current photo id and proof of address in order to receive a card.  You can apply in person at any Tippecanoe County Public Library location (Downtown, Klondike, Wyandotte, or the Mobile Library).

Below is a link for the library card application.  Please note that this application is meant to be printed out and brought with you to the library. This is not an electronic submission.  This application is also available at all of our locations.

- Download Library Card Application -

Questions you may have:


Am I eligible for a free Tippecanoe County Public Library card?

Tippecanoe County residents and property owners are eligible for a free library card. There are no age restrictions for receiving a card. If a minor receives a library card without a parent or guardian present, the library will notify the parent or guardian by mail. Parents and guardians are responsible for items borrowed and the use of the card by the minor.

Residents of the city of West Lafayette are eligible for a reciprocal borrower's card.

Region 4 Ivy Tech Community College students may present a valid Ivy Tech ID to receive a card. 

Residents of other Indiana library districts may be eligible for a free reciprocal borrower's card if your home library is a member of the Reciprocal Borrower's Agreement. Call Circulation Services at 429-0123 to see if your library district is a member.

I'm not eligible for a free card, now what?

If you live in an Indiana taxing district that does not support a local public library, you may purchase a Non-Resident library card. The current fee is $50.00 annually.

Alternatively if you live in an Indiana taxing district that does support a local public library, but that library is not a member of the Reciprocal Borrower's Agreement, you will need to purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) to get a Tippecanoe County Public Library card. The current fee is $65.00 annually.

Call Circulation Services at 429-0123 for more information.


What will I need to bring?

You must bring a current photo ID and proof of your residency when applying for a card.  Cards will only be issued to individuals who apply in person. This includes minors.

Applications are available at all of our locations. You can also click here to complete and print out a library card application. Please note this is not an electronic submission.  You must still print the application out and bring it in with you.

What works as ID and/or proof of Residency?

The following are documents the library will accept to prove your identity and residency.  A driver's license with your current address can count for both an ID and address.  Additionally, if you do not live in Tippecanoe County and are looking to register as a reciprocal borrower you must have your home library card with you.  If you have any further questions or concerns please call Circulation Services at 429-0123 for more information.

Photo ID

- Driver's License
- State ID
- School ID
- Parent/Guardian Verification (minors only)

Proof of Residency

- Driver's License
- State ID
- Car Registration
- Check Book
- Lease
- Pay Stub
- Utility Bill

What if my card was lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, you should report this to any Library Circulation desk immediately. A Circulation staff member will block your account in order to prevent misuse of your card.

If you would like to replace your card, please come in person to any Library Circulation desk. There is a $1.00 fee for a new card.  You will need to show a photo ID to receive a new card. Minors will be asked questions to verify their identity.  Please note that the cardholder must be present. Even if the cardholder is a minor their presence is required to receive the card.


What if I forgot my card?  Can I still check out?

If you forget your card, you may check out with a photo ID.  These checkouts will be limited to 3 items.


What if my card has or is about to expire?

Each year your library account privileges will expire. The library does this so we can confirm your contact information each year. To extend your account privileges for another year you can call us at 429-0123 or visit any of our locations.  As soon as your information is updated, your borrowing privileges are restored for another year.

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