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Heartland Odyssey Sculpture

Steel component close-upDan Engelke's kinetic sculpture "Heartland Odyssey" hangs in the clerestory of the Youth Room. The word "kinetic" means that the sculpture moves. The four parts are made of wood (the lowest component), aluminum, steel, and plastic (the highest component). The sculpture is controlled by a timer that makes it move about once every 45 minutes.

If you would like to see it move, you should ask at the Ask Here Desk in the Youth Room, and someone will turn it on for you.

Wood component close-up


Listen closely and try to figure out what makes the sculpture move. (Hint: there are some pictures here that can help you with this answer.)



There are many interesting forms worked into the sculpture. Below is a fractal pattern called a Koch curve from the steel component.

Koch curve in steel component

Close-up of aluminum component



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