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These are some of the best homework sites for kids. They are not guaranteed, however - you should be aware that because of the nature of the Internet, it is possible to access a series of links that may take a child to potentially inappropriate sites. Advertising should be viewed as particularly suspect. Parents should consider supervising their children while they browse the Web. In addition, information on the Internet may not be authentic, valid, or correct. Consider trying to verify information gathered from the Internet using another source.

Sites with an overview or links to all subject areas:

Inspire Kids! - If one or more of your sources must be a magazine article, try Indiana's virtual library on the Internet.

Electronic Resources - Tippecanoe County Public Library offers remote access to several databases that are useful for homework assignments, including World Book Encyclopedia Online, Facts.com, and Gale's Biography Resource Center.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - "Beege" started his homework site back in 1996.

Homework Spot A good place to start research.

Multinomah County Library Homework Center - This Oregon library's huge list of homework sites is one of the most extensive on the web. If you are having trouble finding information on your topic, check the Homework Center.

Countries, States, & Flags:

  • Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  • CIA World Factbook - The CIA publishes information about every country in the world, including geography, population, economy, and government. The "transnational issues" section includes information on international disputes and illicit drugs.
  • 50 States - This site has descriptions and images of state flags, as well as basic information about each state. Also includes links to related web sites for each state.
  • Stately Knowledge - The Internet Public Library's guide to the states.
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government - Ben Franklin is your guide to information about our government for all grade levels. You can also find out about Ben Franklin's life.
  • American President - Biographies, facts, images and information on staff supporting each of our country's presidents. By the Miller Center for Presidential Study at the University of Virginia organized this site on all things presidential.
  • World Flag Database - Search for flags by country. Check out historical flags and find flag protocol.
  • Flags of All Countries - An up-to-date list of current country flags, with maps.
  • The Flag Resource - Devoted to vexillology, the study of flags. Covers not just countries but maritime and sports flags, too.


Other Sites:

These sites are helpful for some of the assignments we know about in the schools in the Greater Lafayette area.

  • Conner Prairie - Conner Prairie, a Living History Museum, offers many online educational resources.
  • Tippecanoe County Historical Association - Find out about Fort Ouiatenon and the Feast of the Hunter's Moon.
  • Animal Diversity Web - An excellent site maintained by the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Contains information about a large number of species, including taxonomy (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species).
  • Plant Classification - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's database for the taxonomy of plant life.
  • The Nine Planets - A comprehensive multimedia tour of the solar system.
  • StarChild - A learning center for young astronomers.
  • Catholic Online Saints and Angels - Information on hundreds of saints, including biographical information and feast days.
  • Open Directory Project: Myths - Mythology categorized by culture/nationality.
  • MadSci Network MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure we provide a variety of oddities as well.

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