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Picture Books

Alter                Francine’s Day
Anholt             Billy and the Big New School
Berenstain       Berenstain Bears Go to School
Bloom             The Bus for Us
Bridwell           Clifford’s First Day of School
Carlson           First Grade, Here I Come!
Cazet             Born in the Gravy
D’Amico          Ella, the Elegant Elephant
De Paola        Meet the Barkers
Dyer              Little Bear Won’t Go to School
Falwell           David’s Drawings
Freeman        Corduroy Goes to School
Gibbs            Schooltime for Sammy
Gorbachev     Chickens Chickens Go to School
Harper          Miss Mingo and the First Day of School
Harris            I Am Not Going to School Today
Henkes         Jessica
Hest             Off to School, Baby Duck
Hill                Spot Goes to School
Horse            Little Rabbit Goes to School
Johnson        My Mom Is My Show and Tell
Levitin           When Kangaroo Goes to School
London          Froggy Goes to School
MacDowell      Tomorrow is the First Day of School
Mackall         First Day
Martin          Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off
Maurer         Annie, Bea and Chi Chi Dolores
McCully        School
McGhee       Countdown to Kindergarten
McGinty        Eliza’s Kindergarten Surprise
Middleton     Enrico Starts School
Montanari     A Very Full Morning
Morrow         Panda Goes to School
Munsch        We Share Everything
Neubecker    Wow! School!
Northway      See You Later, Mom!
Ormerod      When an Elephant Comes to School
Pak             Sumi’s First Day of School Ever
Parr            Otto’s First Day of School
Penn           The Kissing Hand
Poydar        First Day, Hooray!
Rey            Curious George’s First Day of School
Reynolds     Pete and Polo’s Big School Adventure
Rockwell      Welcome to Kindergarten
Rosenberry  Vera’s First Day of School
Rubel          Ham and Pickles First Day of School
Ruhmann    Who Will Go to School Today?
Schwartz      Annabelle Swift, Kindergartener
Schwartz      Bea and Mr. Jones
Serfozo       Benjamin Bigfoot   
Skarmeas    My First Day of School
Slate           Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for School
Thompson    Mouse’s First Day of School
Ward          Don’t Eat the Teacher
Wells          Timothy Goes to School
Whybrow     Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School
Wild           Tom Goes to Kindergarten
Winget        Tucker’s Four-Carrot School Day

Fact Books

J 371 HUGH    First Day at School
J 371 JACK    It’s Off to School We Go: First Day Stories From Around the World
J 371 RADA    Going to School


J DVD Blue’s Clues            Blue Takes You to School
J DVD Sesame Street         Sesame Street: Ready for School
J VIDEO Richard Scarry      Sally’s First Day at School
J VIDEO 372.21 MY F        My First Day

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