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Mobile Library Stop Guidelines

The Outreach Services Department provides library materials and services to those who, for a variety of reasons, cannot take advantage of them at the main library.

The mobile library operates on 3 schedules per year.

Winter/Spring schedule: January 1 -  May 31
Summer schedule: June 1 - August 31
Fall schedule: September 1 -  December 31

New stops will be established at the beginning of one of these periods. New stops cannot be added during a scheduling period. Stops which are cancelled will usually be dropped at the beginning of one of these scheduling periods.

A. Proposed Stops: In adding a new stop, the following considerations will be made:

  • The stop must be within the Tippecanoe County Public Library's service area.
  • The stop will be evaluated as to how it reflects the mission of the Outreach Services Department.
  • Stops will be evaluated as to their priority level. (See the service priorities of the bookmobile.)
  • Sufficient staff and resources must be available to add the stop.
  • The stop must fit into the schedule geographically. Some stops may not be added if a nearby stop already exists.
  • There should be ample room to maneuver and park the bookmobile while providing maximum accessibility to customers.
  • The stop should provide a sufficient level of safety as to not put staff and resources in jeopardy.
  • Stop placement should allow cellular equipment and other independent electronic equipment to operate consistently.
  • The stop must be able to be advertised/promoted by the library.


For information about where the Mobile Library stops near you, check the Schedule.

For a mobile library stop application, click here.

For more information, please call the Outreach Services office at (765) 429-0169.


Revised 1/7/15