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  1. Respect for all. We treat all our customers, and each other, as valued, responsible individuals.

  2. Service. We provide excellent services that respond to changing, diverse customer needs.

  3. Integrity. We follow the highest ethical standards of honesty and openness.

  4. Fiscal accountability. As a public institution, we practice sound fiscal management.

  5. Confidentiality. We safeguard all users' rights to request and obtain information in confidence, within state and federal statutes.

  6. Parental responsibility. We expect parents to guide and supervise their children's use of library collections, services and programs. TCPL's board and staff do not serve in loco parentis, as a substitute for parents.

  7. Professional growth. The board and staff mutually commit to their continuous professional development.

TCPL Strategic Plan 2005-2008, p. 4
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