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Selected from VOYA booklist December 2010, 2012, and 2014
Suitable for Older Teens
Amateur Sleuths
An Appetite for Murder MYSTERY Burdette, L. (No AR)
Size Twelve and Ready to Rock MYSTERY Cabot, M. (AR 5.8)
Died with a Bow MYSTERY Carroll, G. (No AR)
A Slice of Murder MYSTERY Cavender, C. (No AR)
The Look of Love MYSTERY Clark, M. (No AR)
Scene of the Climb MYSTERY Dyer-Seeley, K. (No AR)
Grace Under Pressure MYSTERY Hyzy, J. (No AR)
Sprinkle with Murder MYSTERY McKinlay, J. (No AR)
The Girl Next Door MYSTERY Parks, B. (No AR)
Engaged in Murder MYSTERY Parra, N. (No AR)
The Black Hour FICTION Rader-Day, L. (No AR)
Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas MYSTERY Barron, S. (No AR)
Royal Blood MYSTERY Bowen, R. (No AR)
Dying in the Wool MYSTERY Brody, F. (No AR)
The Gods of Gotham MYSTERY Faye, L. (No AR)
A Simple Murder MYSTERY Kuhns, E. (No AR)
The Thicket FICTION Lansdale, J. (No AR)
Death Comes to the Village MYSTERY Lloyd, C. (No AR)
Mr. Churchill's Secretary FICTION MacNeal, S. (No AR)
Murder at the Breakers MYSTERY Maxwell, A. (No AR)
The Impersonator MYSTERY Miley, M. (No AR)
The Solitary House MYSTERY Shepherd, L. (No AR)
Fatal Enquiry MYSTERY Thomas, W. (No AR)
An Unmarked Grave MYSTERY Todd, C. (No AR)
Police Procedurals
The Rope MYSTERY Barr, N. (No AR)
Evidence of Murder LARGE TYPE MYSTERY Black, L. (No AR)
Force of Nature MYSTERY Box, C. (AR 6.1)
By Any Means MYSTERY Culver, C. (No AR)
Rude Awakening MYSTERY Cooper, S. (No AR) 
Murder on Bamboo Lane MYSTERY Hirahara, N. (No AR)
Three Graves Full FICTION Mason, J. (No AR)
Cop Town MYSTERY Slaughter, K. (No AR)
Private Investigators
Father's Day MYSTERY Gilman, K. (No AR)
V is for Vengeance MYSTERY Grafton, S. (AR 5.7)
The Devil May Care MYSTERY Housewright, D. (No AR)
Breakdown MYSTERY Paretsky, S. (No AR) 
Suspense and Thrillers
Inside Man FICTION Abbott, J. (No AR)
Dare Me FICTION Abbott, M. (AR 5.1)
The Fever FICTION Abbott, M. (No AR)
Black Rain  FICTION Brown, G. (No AR)
Cry in the Night MYSTERY Coble, C. (No AR)
Gone Girl FICTION Flynn, G. (AR 5.6)
Money to Burn FICTION Grippando, J. (No AR)
The Lost Goddess FICTION Knox, T. (No AR)
Those Who Wish Me Dead FICTION Koryta, M. (AR 5.1)
The Professionals FICTION Laukkanen, O. (No AR)
Dear Daughter MYSTERY Little, E. (No AR)
The Book of Spies FICTION Lynds, G. (No AR)
Precious Thing FICTION McBeth, C. (No AR)
Seven Wonders FICTION Mezrich, B. (No AR)
The Vault FICTION Morrison, B. (No AR)
The American Mission FICTION Palmer, M. (No AR)
Runner FICTION Perry, T. (No AR)
Gideon's Corpse FICTION Preston, D. (No AR)
Fever Dream FICTION Preston, D. (No AR)
The Lost Island FICTION Preston, D. (No AR)
The 500 FICTION Quirk, M.  (No AR)
The Directive FICTION Quirk, M. (No AR)
The Kill Switch FICTION Rollins, J. (No AR)
Genre Blends
The Furies FICTION Alpert, M. (No AR)
It Takes a Witch MYSTERY Blake, H. (No AR)
A Potion to Die For MYSTERY Blake, H. (No AR)
Tomb With a View MYSTERY Daniels, C. (No AR)
Blood Oath FICTION Farnsworth, C. (No AR)
Midnight Crossroad SCI FIC Harris, C. (No AR)
Taken SCI FIC Jacka, B. (No AR)
Death in Show MYSTERY McCoy, J. (No AR)
The River of No Return FICTION Ridgway, B. (No AR)
The Haunting of Maddy Clare FICTION St. James, S. (No AR)
Influx FICTION Suarez, D. (No AR)
The Martian SCI FIC Weir, A. (AR 5.4)